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  1. Cayden

    i love to get my japanese goodies at they have the frixion pens too! :)not sure they have the decorative tape pens but i do know they carry cure japanese masking tape.

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    Some interesting ‘Muji-esque’ Japanese product design. I find the kettle a bit tacky and the toothbrush not bearing the same design language as the other products. I would like to see these products in the flesh to see if they really work .

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    wow…muffins from glutinous rice flour! I have to try this. I met my friend last week and she couldn't enjoy my desserts cos they were made from wheat flour which she can't take cos of the gluten. I told her I will make something non-gluten that she can eat. Hope to try this soon. Thanks for sharing. Love all the photos…beautiful photography.

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    Miniphasme : sauf votre respect, ne me forcez pas à faire de l’explication de texte. Laissons les sots enterrer les sots. Je goûte vos interventions, sachez-le.MGD : j’ai beaucoup apprécié votre récente intervention, et je me propose d’y répondre, mais demain, car trop de travail.

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    Alexis Not gonna lie, I am still very dubious about the “authenticity” of this restaurant. I will reserve judgment until I eat there myself, but a Chi-Chi’s pedigree–no matter how many trips you make to Mexico as a child (come on!)–and focus groups do not authentic Mexican food make. I am also really perplexed by the gabacho creating the menu when he has a chef from Mexico!

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    That was nice RobJ (seriously)…now if you can get the rest of your bullheaded constituents to stop calling everyone a “racist” that disagrees with them, then your party might get some more people in it or seem credible.

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    This design is incredible! You obviously know how to keep a reader amused. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Excellent job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

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    day I sat down with Suavé (the man behind Hip Hop Connxion) to talk about coverage/planning for The One show next year and another very cool project you all will get introduced to early next

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    Voilà la preuve qu'on ne tombe pas forcément sur ce que l'on recherche quand on cherche via gogole. Mais bon, à force d'appeler tes charmants gones des schtroumpfs, tu vas avoir toux ceux qui veulent la recette de la tarte à la salsepareille ou qui veulent voir les dessous de la schtroumpfette !

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    hey make sure you don’t run with ankle weights or jump with them. it’s actually really bad for your knees and ankles. it stretches the muscles and tendons out.

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    From the article: "If the company were unable to find private investors unless it changed internal policy — perhaps by only supplying such weaponry to police departments and military — then Freedom most likely would do so. Capital is, of course, the root of capitalism."Yup, except if they did that they would be a horrible investment. That would be ignoring a huge market, and who would invest in a business that does that?


    Irritates me immensely – strikes me as a complete waste of client money, where is the conversion to sales, will it really ever help their bottom line. And in my opinion the arguement that it is a piece of brand building communications is fundamentally flawed in the fact that clearly over 50% of the people who have posted have done so because they find it so irritating. Ill be buying galaxy, stop irritating me during TV ad breaks.


    Pink slips. I was going for the metaphor of « Pink Slips. »Because that is my comparative advantage, as Gov.And, THAT explains the Ricardo.In some versions of the photo, you can also see a hand holding the flag. A PERFECT government job: What do YOU do? Oh, I hold the flag in the gov’s office.


    It is true that if you grant as a hypothesis complete rationality in your governments, international relations become a lot simpler. I don’t think, however, that simply decreeing that it will be so is sufficient reason to believe it.And even granted the hypothetical completely rational governments, it is dubious whether that automatically translates into an overall policy of neutrality. Especially if there is a Patchwork and also an Outer Darkness where the Patchwork states don’t care what you do.


    Les dernières version d’Ubuntu ne requièrent que peu de connaissances. En fait, l’installation du système est beaucoup plus simple que celle de windows. Il m’arrive souvent de prêter mon netbook à des amis qui n’ont aucune connaissance en informatique, une fois qu’ils ont compris que la barre de programmes est en haut (+/-15 secondes), et le tour est joué!Essaie une version récente, ça a beaucoup changé depuis quelques années.


    Fort !Jesús , du calme…J’y passe trois mois par an, ici se habla de selva, la selva amazónica , la selva venezolana. »El bosque « , c’est votre bois, et « la selva  » la forêt.« Selva », bosque extenso y muy poblado de árboles y plantas.La selva tropical.« La jungla  » en revanche fait référence, comme le français jungle, à « una formación herbácea característica de la India « (Lar.)


    Těmhle úpravám, myslím, říkali situacionalisté detournement (vychýlení). Tj. upravení určité části spektáklu tak, aby nabyl zcela nového, antisystémového (protispektakulárního) významu. Takže trefa do černého, řekl bych, a palec nahoru .) Je skoro směšné, že taková reakce stran ODS se dala čekat.

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    Sorry guys, I wish it were true. If he got caught on 1 April (any year) – i.e. April Fools’ Day – and he surrendered of his own accord, then there is something mighty suspicious about the whole story. There is no credible source for this story, just my wishful thinking.

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    Neo writes: “A man without any morality is as good as dead inside. The US’ political leadership is largely made up of such soulless, immoral men and women of all creeds and colour, in collective bondage to the ‘personhood’ of corporations. Hence their love for domination, war and loot. A barbaric culture in need of growth and maturity.”None of the people you describe actually think that about themselves. We may think that about them, but don’t make the mistake of concluding they agree.

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    Hi James,I agree that ‘hard work’ is definitely a difficult sell. I don’t think there are many popular books with titles like,“The 60 hour workweek.”“Only 20 years to become a world class musician.”“Eat healthy food and exercise to lose weight.”“Save money by spending less than you earn.”Tim Ferriss is master self-promoter. I certainly wish I had his skills for creatively adjusting the truth.

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    Why did he throw up this smoke screen? What about CETA no talk about that free trade deal with Europe with Harper selling us out even worse than Mulroney and his NAFTA disaster. This is Harper's modus operendi-distraction bait and switch whatever you want to call it and seems most fall for it hook line and SINKER!

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    · Very astute post, as usual. And those donuts are making my mouth water!In response to your response on an earlier post — I would love for you, me and Alicia to meet up sometime

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    Erica,That mac & cheese looks delicious and creamy and I want some NOW at 9 AM. :)I've always wanted to fly and I DO NOT like being cold either. Bring on the heat. Have a wonderful week. Happy Monday!

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     Kay Campbell July 24, 2010 I have been studying homoeopathy for the past 10 years but because my interest lies with companion pets (cats, dogs, horses etc.,) I am unable to find a college that deals with animal Homoeopathy. I have had wonderful success treating animals, and although I have Advanced Certificates, I am unable to obtain an actual Diploma, so I am unable to advertise as an Animal Homoeopath. I really would appreciate more topics on animal homoeopathy, especially as it can dispel the cynics who are convinced it is a case of mind over matter, as I have yet to come across an animal that believes in the ‘placebo’ effect.

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    Forte!!!! ma allora è veramente magico!!! grazie, grazie, volevo proprio le riflessioni di qualcuno che l’avesse provato. Mi fido ciecamente delle tue. E lo vo a comperere!!!! Yuppy non dovrò più chiedere la colf a Babbo Natale (ndr suoceri= babbo natale)baci.TU SI CHE SEI VERAMENTE UN BLOG DI UTILITà SOCIALE!

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    29 dicembre: è normale, purtroppo! a fine anno lo stato effettua le detrazioni finali che vanno a pescare nello stipendio o tredicesima. a volte il conguaglio è molto alto, come il tuo.

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    Onigiri habe ich damit auch schon gemacht, leider sind dei Fotos zu dunkel geworden, dass ich es irgendwann zubereiten muss. @Ramona, Mirin brauchst du dafür nicht zwingend, obwohl ich das Rezept auch noch mal mit Mirin ausprobieren werde, jetzt wo ich welchen habe. Ist auf jeden Fall authentischer!

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    Oui, cette liberté de ton ne correspond pas au « Monde ». Il y a déjà eu des exemples comme E.Le.Boucher. Sur le fond, F.Hollande commence à afire le job: on ne peut pas garder les mains toutes jolies et pures au pouvoir.


    Thank you Darren for calling us by our name Macedonia. Opposite to Pauline’s comment, their resistance to call us Macedonia is based on wrong facts. All the best and come again.


    oh Joe…pour me a double Jack, Single Barrel, please…….in a mood for a release, you come to my aid with an open page and open ears…today I bring you to“the unloading zone”…when the seas here drop below 15 feet, I’ll be back the mean time, I know there is a good read or 91 waiting for mePeace ☮

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    That sounds a lot like what Tripp’s schedule is starting to look like. He’s waking up more after eating and then 20ish minutes later will be ready to go back down…but I never know for how long and its never at the exact same time every day. Luckily he’s a good sleeper so if I need to put him in the carseat and venture out, he usually doesn’t notice. Thanks for the book recommendation! Got it on the iPad a few days ago.


    Oricat de deplasat ar suna asta, io iubesc barbatii. Asta la modu` general, ca pe fiecare in parte nu-i iubesc.. cel putin nu pe toti Sunt mai rationali decat femeile, mai obiectivi, unii mai intelepti si mai fermecatori.Poate ca spun asta din misoginism sau poate pur si simplu din cauza de.. heterosexualitate + hormoni Nu conteaza. I love them.

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    40 miles, there you go. The Skyline drive is lovely for a quick outing. I had the pleasure to drive there myself, and would love to return one day. Wishing you continuous recovery, and a lot more miles and smiles this year.


    Paty,pode olhar de cima à baixo q ele é todo para vocês!!! o queijo vc mistura na mão mesmo, não precisa ser na batedeira não, até para você ir testando o ponto.. nunca testei com calabresa não, mas posso dar uma dica, coloca em um antes de colocar na massa toda, só para ver se dá mesmo certo 😛

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    Eduardo Bernardes:Post muito bom, deu pra ter uma boa noção de como funcionam os esquemas da defesa e o que características de jogadores você precisa. No sistema 3X4 parece que a linha precisa ser muito forte, sendo o esquema muito depende dela. No 4X3 parece que o equilíbrio entre as funções é maior.

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    Hi Nina, I agree–even if it’s fast food, the good thing about it is that it’s always there. I’ve had many discussions for projects in a McDonald’s instead of a coffee shop for that reason and also because at times, the fries and the caramel sundae offer more comfort for us.


    Substantial arched toes usually spin outward that will result in sprained shins. Path sneakers or boots alongside with added padding and flexibility will help lessen these types of mishaps. Adidas Consequence Wander Eighteen delivers all of this. They might be intended to soak up impact on tough landscape utilizing


    February 1, 2012 at 5:51 pmThe thrill of serving is when someone says “yes”. As Ministerial Facilitator I want to share the good feelings one gets when we Be and Make Disciples. The first time I assisted at serving Holy Communion was such a moving experience and I want everyone to feel as blessed as I do. Reply


    Haha…wow. I am still in stitches over the videos and pictures. I had no idea about the bloody nip guy – freakin’ disgusting!Great running with ya Koo. Running with you and Aron definitely took my mind off of my bum foot and just have fun out there. Thanks for the laughs Danica!ps – my favorite pic is actually the one of us where I’m mugging for the camera while running.

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    I think that this list is great. I also feel like I have been slacking on the business side of my life because of my own confusion as to what I actually wanted, but that is definitely changing! Good luck!

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    much needed attention to such a thriving community! and anyone who knows pgh hip hop know what a big role kellee and nakturnal have played behind the scenes


    Thank you for posting my comments. May I add also, that my husband joined the group after the 2nd session and gleaned much out of this study as well. He was a strong facilitator as he shared and opened up to the group. I will definitely offer this study again at our church. I pray that many more people will be open to discovering their identity and destiny in the years to come to bring glory to the Lord and then investing in the lives of others. Blessings to the entire Identity and Destiny Team


    “Don’t you remember how the fire ended last time?” What do cycles tell me about the future? I have never seen a fire from my house. This year I could see it. “They come, they go, we survive.” Survivor bias!


    You are so right on all of this. Compared to this SuperMom, I’m SlackerMom!I compromise in a lot of ways. I run my house on a need-to-have basis — laundry is done the night before the basketball uniform is needed. I don’t stay ahead on ANYTHING.We donate lots of toys and clothes that the kids lose from our Love&Logic style of parenting (oh, so sad you left that out and it disappeared). That’s my charity contribution.Strong worker? Well, here I am perusing the best of the Internet between work tasks.Sexual diva? Mama never tole me nuttin bout dat.

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    I completely agree!!Wasn't there a beauty journalist who recently slammed bloggers? Completely out of order, I LOVE the fact that bloggers actually give their own opinion as opposed to being paid to only give positive opinions. Great post!


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    Merja: Anteeksi hidas vastaus. Täällä taas oltu pari päivää netittömänä, kiitos temppuilevan modeemin. :/ Isoin koko on ollut meillä passeli rimppanalle viisivuotiaalle. Riippuu tietenkin käsialastakin, että minkä kokoinen tulee. :)Zalla: Kantsii kokeilla. :)Blueraindrop: Kokeile ihmeessä. :)Lyde: Nimenomaan, kun ihminen on aina siinä kuuluisassa iässä! Olipa ikä mikä tahansa. 😀


    Can I simply say what a relief to search out someone who really is aware of what theyre speaking about on the internet. You positively know methods to convey a problem to gentle and make it important. Extra folks need to read this and understand this aspect of the story. I cant consider youre no more fashionable because you definitely have the gift.


    Hey liebe Joanna, während Du Kürbis karamellisiert hast, hab ich Quitten verzuckert… Schau mal, was Du verpasst hast! Und Deinen Salat werde ich diese Woche noch ausprobieren – der liest sich sehr fein!Dein Kopf wieder okay?GLG, Yushka

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    Boa noite, cristã. Já agora gostava que me indicasse em que documento ou intervenção o Papa fez essas afirmações?E talvez fosse prudente distinguir laicismo de laicidade. Ou não?

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    #38A diferença é que os lances são bem mais visíveis do que vários erros ao longo do campeonato. Mas a principal diferença é que mata-mata não fica pagando pau de “campeonato justo”, ou seja, se aceita que o campeão é o time que teve mais competência, culhão e sorte. Enquanto isso o campeonato de pontos corridos é o da justiça, onde APENAS competência e planejamento vencem. Só que não.

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    Alicia B,Oh, yeah, Koko! I read that early this morning. I saw our home girl so many times when I lived in Chicago. She gave so much to so many. Koko was always the first to volunteer for charity events and fund raisers and free concerts in Grant Park. She also appeared at local Old Town folk and blues clubs, and I once saw her at Muddy's bar. What a beautiful woman and I, too, mourn her death. Sigh……..Hey, girl, you never did answer me if Operation Push was still going.Humbly,Whitney

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    …"this a blessing because it might drown some urban dwellers"What? How sick you must be to hope for people to drown. Beck was right, preparing for a disaster that doesn't come to be can help you prepare for when an actual disaster hits.But you think it would be a blessing to drown some city folk.You are not just crazy, you are evil.

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    Kathryn – Thank you for these three sentences. While thinking about, and penning, this post, I didn’t think about this at all, that I am in many ways singing out on this blog everyday. I guess there is some bravery within me, huh? At least a pinch

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    Anson,Perhaps you missed it, but there is a “new wrinkle” in the campaign between Carnahan and Blunt. Carnahan is on YOUR side, when it comes to the Bush tax cuts! Isn’t that wonderful! Now, perhaps you can come up with another reason not to vote for her, no?Duane

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    LO you’re suggesting that there has been an increase in ALP support because of an event that 70% of people disapprove of. I find that hard to credit. I think it’s much more likely that the drop in support was an aberration and that voting intentions are simply returning to the general pattern we saw from the election until the end of 2009.Nevertheless the truth is that nobody knows. Trying to analyse every political event by reference to movements in polls is utter foolishness. It’s creative writing dressed up as analysis, just like Shanahan and Milne and company do for a living.

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    (ma OT)sono d'accordo con te: i ragni non mangiano le zanzare, anzi comincio a pensare che qui a Milano sia esattamente il contrario.Comunque se a me dicessero "Puoi sposarti Hugh Jackman ma solo se tieni un ragno sulla mano per tutta la cerimonia", io risponderei: "Grazie, sto bene zitella!"

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    My favorite expat luxury – besides the instant community and access to the local hip and famous – is having a maid that comes 6 days a week. I’m consistently amazed at how much extra time I have when I don’t touch a single dish, piece of laundry, or even make my bed, ever, and every day I walk in the door to a house much cleaner than I could ever hope to make it. I read an entire book on Sunday – the day that used to known as “getting my apt – and by extension my life – in order day”. I will not give up this lifestyle quietly

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    oh filipinho, mas em 90% dos casos ja é assim em Lisboa. um passeio pela capital deixa poucas incertezas nessa matéria. os portugueses apenas pensam em si. são ainda muito analfabetos em matérias como civilização, comunidade, sociedade, bem comum, planeamento urbano, gestão do espaço e outros conceitos e instrumentos que destinguem afinal uma sociedade desenvolvida de uma atrasada como aquela que tanto estima e defende.

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    Et bien cela signifie que la « source » a été polluée. Polluée par quoi ? Chacun mettra son interprétation : la crispation Othmanienne, l’influence de Satan, le poids des tribus, les péchés-mignons du soit-disant prophète. Ou bien peut-être la « source » n’est-elle pas si potable que vous voulez le faire croire. Goutez donc à une autre eau ; peut-être serez vous alors désaltérés ?


    The sale of any liquor or alcohol over 0.5% ABV will require both a personal licence and a premises licence. Sorry for the bad news Please be aware that the sale of alcohol from unlicensed premises is a criminal offence and subject to the maximum fine of £20000 and/or six months imprisonment. If you need advice don’t hesitate to call the experts (and our sponsors) Personal Licence Training on 01527 544780


    What a bunch of saps…You guys should seriously watch The Corporation then stick it in your peace pipes and smoke it…if you think “legitimate” companies are pushing there products/offers just to make a world a better place you should go back to sleep in lala land..So Paul, why not just give up your campagins and start promoting dishwashers and shit from Amazon or Sears.. earn $3.45 for every $1500 fridge you sell..Fake it till you make it…

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    If one wants to bring back a biblical society, in which, presumably, one's fecund offspring will form a new aristocracy, perhaps eventually enjoying polygamy, then it makes sense to encourage the 3rd world-ization of North America. It's hard to be a prolific aristocrat or patriarch in a bourgeois society. Think of it practically, without cheap labor how can one afford the nannies, maids and gardeners that would make a child-rich, wealthy lifestyle desirable or possible?

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    in his weekly radio address.65 dollars a month? What a joke. That will cover the cable bill. (China’s stimulus also is largely smoke and mirrors, with standard budget items being relabeled as supplemental spending to make it look bigger.)Americans watch Obama pay lip service to “bold” action, but see… 13 dollars a week. Wow.Britain is the only country that gets it. Interestingly, they also get global warming…So I close with the words of winston churchill – We can always count on Americans to do the right thing, after they have exhausted all other options.

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    This isn’t a problem that is going away. It is has been a problem spanning nearly a century with the effects becoming worse. The unfortunate aspect of this is that journalists like George S. really are irrelevant based on the number of viewers that can tolerate watching. The problem is people are becoming a little disconnected not keeping up with curent events.

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    "My point is that she is of Castilian and Asturian descent and does not appear to have a single droplet of Anglo blood in her. Hence, she is not a "white lady" like Steve Sailer calls her and thus there is nothing wrong with her claiming minority status."Those oppressed Castilians, lol.Was this comment written by a Spaniard? They do have a bug up their butts about "anglosajones".


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    Hello,Please could someone tell me what's happened to the subscription center. Now when I look at my subscriptions only a handful of the newest videos show up, none of the 'older' ones…I'm missing watching SO many videos at the moment, and as I have quite a lot of subscriptions, it's not really feasible for me to click on every single one just to find out if they have added a new one. Please can something be done about this and put things back as they were? Pretty please?Thanks.


    — October 5, 2012 at 1:34 pm Miss the funny banter at the start line. When I got there, you all left the stadium and were blazing off the stadium. wooo woo… datang lambat lagi len kali! wakaka& didn’t know that the caps were limited to 1,500runners. Kesian the balance 500 tak dapat. ;pAnyways, the race was overdistance. Those who updated it over at Dailymile and blogs have 11+km, just like your reading. p.s. love that photo of yours running. Happy kau! ;p


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